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Final Fantasy 13

Final Fantasy 13 Doujinshi
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Welcome to Final Fantasy 13 Doujin! The Doujinshi community for FF13 of the series. It's small right now because there's not a lot of doujinshi about, but that's what this place is here to discuss. When you get doujinshi, are looking for doujinshi, or have a good scan you have, that's what this is for. Now for some basic rules.

1. Please LJ-cut. Now, we all love our lovely doujins, but we don't want to stretch anyone's friend's page.
2. Please tag your entries. I made them so that way things are easier to find. If you see something missing, please let me know
3. Please friends lock anything NSFW and label it as being not safe for work. We all love it, but I'd hate someone to get busted when looking at work.
4. Credit is nice! Please tell us who the circle is if you know. If you found it on another site, link us there, too! Share the wealth!
5. And I shouldn't have to say this: but be nice. Everyone has differences in opinions for who they ship and what-not. But I want to keep this friendly and share the general love of doujinshi and fancomics. So let's keep it civil!
If you would like to affiliate please comment here so we can add you! I'm open to anything Final Fantasy related!

kristallised - Snow/Serah
focused_roles - Cid/Rygdea
sulyya_springs - Snow/Hope
hopexlightning - Hope/Lightning
gravity_control - Lightning
hopexestheim - Hope
ffxiii_kink - FFXIII Kink Meme
oerbas - Fang/Vanille
thecoldstorm - Snow/Lightning

This is moderated by:
AIM: Hoshino Masako.
E-mail: katzudoeslj[at]gmail.com
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
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